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These are all aimed at providing the Administrative Team with skills and techniques to reach higher levels


These topics covered will provide the participants with the opportunity to enhance specific capabilities, as well as support them to develop skills as effective engineering professionals

Research & Development

These topics are committed to increase the quality and quantity in research and development

Health & Safety

Health and safety in the workplace cannot be underestimated. These topics focus on health & safety in the office or on site


Participate as a sponsor or exhibitor of events at Empire Conferencing and Training and establish networks for your company and other organizations. We offer maximum exposure for all our partners and associates through effective branding and networking opportunities Sponsoring or exhibiting at our events will enhance and promote your corporate image and as well as your products. Most importantly sponsoring or exhibiting at our events will create greater market awareness for your organisation.We have a selection of comprehensive promotional packages

About Us

Empire Conferencing & Training is a 100% black youth empowered organization that is comprised of staff compliment from previously disadvantaged communities. Our passion lies in the development of market-driven, unbiased conferences and training events in all industries and from all sectors. Empire Conferencing offers training, conferences and summits that serve senior executives and government officials by providing the optimal paradigm for highly focused content and presentations. Our vision ensures that as delegates, speakers and sponsors, your organization will benefit by being a recipient of timely information on the latest investment opportunities, business strategies, domestic and international regulatory issues, operations and applied technologies. We have a dedicated and passionate team of producers and strategists as well as related staff members ready to engage with clients, commit to specific criteria, curriculums and deliver innovative solutions-based products towards our client’s needs. We are operating in a new era of executive education and professional training. We believe the key to delivering solutions in-line with our client’s strategic imperatives, starts with managing of our abilities towards quality assurance and the providence of an experience that is world class.

Why In-House Training

  • Greater Flexibility:
  • You can choose the exact time that suits you best without having to fit into the schedule offered generally

  • Cost Effective:
  • You avoid paying travel and accomodation expenses as your delegates can attend the training without the worry of locating the venue and travel arrangements.

  • More Focused Content:
  • You can tailor the content of the course with precision to your needs

  • Increased Returns:
  • With regards to your personel from your organisation present, you can apply the content that is discussed more freely, inclusive of confidential information

  • Effective Team-Building:
  • You have the additional spin-off of developing the members of your team into a more effective working force due to the nature of the in-house paradigm

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