About Us

About Us

Empire Conferencing & Training is a 100% black youth empowered organization that is comprised of staff compliment from previously disadvantaged communities. Our passion lies in the development of market-driven, unbiased conferences and training events in all industries and from all sectors. Empire Conferencing offers training, conferences and summits that serve senior executives and government officials by providing the optimal paradigm for highly focused content and presentations.


Our vision ensures that as delegates, speakers and sponsors, your organization will benefit by being a recipient of timely information on the latest investment opportunities, business strategies, domestic and international regulatory issues, operations and applied technologies. We have a dedicated and passionate team of producers and strategists as well as related staff members ready to engage with clients, commit to specific criteria, curriculums and deliver innovative solutions-based products towards our cliental needs.


 We are operating in a new era of executive education and professional training. We believe the key to delivering solutions in-line with our cliental strategic imperatives, starts with managing of our abilities towards quality assurance and the providence of an experience that is world class.

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