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Agricultural Conference & Study Tour -Western Cape 

8th – 12th of November 2021


Introduction: Embark on a trip and join Empire Conferencing on a 5-day dynamic and practical farm tour where you will have behind the scenes opportunity to learn how we aim to GROW, FEED, EDUCATE and GIVE BACK. Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape is ideally positioned and has the perfect blend of cutting-edge agricultural technology, production and research to offer you a very enlightening tour!  

The Agricultural Edu Tour aims to create an experience of hands on training through leading farming practices, compelling success stories through farmer experience and live onsite demonstrations using cutting edge precision technologies. This insightful educational tour will offer young graduates, emerging and commercial farmers, agriculturists and agronomists the opportunity to join LEADING agriculturist experts who help feed millions of people through the different facets of agriculture. 

Regenerative Farming Africa 

25th & 26th of November 2021

Virtual Conference

The Regenerative Agriculture Conference 2021 will bring together a cross section of our food industry stakeholders, including regenerative agriculture practitioners, researchers, government agencies and the investment sector with the specific goal of progressing a food secure future of Africa. Regenerative agriculture has demonstrated remarkable results in eliminating toxic inputs, increasing fertility, regenerating soil life and strengthening on-farm resilience against climate extremes. Scientists, and regenerative farmers and ranchers share their knowledge and 

experience on how to transform agriculture. 


API 653:Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration & Reconstruction Training Course

27 September 2021 ~ 01 October 2021

Online Web Course

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in obtaining the API 653 authorized Atmospheric Tank Inspectors certification as well as for those who require a working knowledge of the intricacies encountered in the working environment. The course textbook includes notes and summaries on the atmospheric tank inspection standards referenced in the API 653 Body of Knowledge. This comprehensive 40-hour course consists of 8-hour teaching a day in 5 days.

API 579 / ASME FFS1 Fitness for Service of Equipment and Piping

27th September – 1st  October 2021

Virtual Conference

This Training program covers the understanding of  damages which may happen to equipment and  connected piping while it is under fabrication, handling, erection and in prolonged service. Service exposures for a longer duration pose challenges to equipment safety and integrity. The damaged and defects are detected during regular inspection at different stages.



Online Web Course

This two-day programme is aimed at providing you with the essential skills, knowledge and techniques to deal with internal and external stakeholders and be an excellent PA in a world that has changed suddenly. Delegates will learn how to cope with situations with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities in delivering professional service. The programme will be informational, inspirational and practical to ensure that delegates go back to their work highly motivated and skilled to make themselves and the organisation proud to be operating in a New Normal. 

How does a virtual event work?

A virtual event, also known as an online event, is an interactive gathering that happens on the internet. Unlike in-person events, virtual ones aren’t restricted to a single location

Virtual Conference Room

not every person in your audience would be able to attend due to the cost of travel. With a virtual event, travel isn't an issue..

Online Platform

Events are hosted on the dedicated in-house online meetings platform integrating diverse communication options and real-time guidance.

Event Streaming

When you hold an event there are always people that would love to attend but simply cannot be there in person. That’s where Event Stream and Event Record come in – by enabling you to expand your audience either live or via a recording.

Virtual Audience

not every person in your audience would be able to attend due to the cost of travel. With a virtual event, travel isn't an issue..

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A remote attendee can join and participate from anywhere in the world, given he or she has access to the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements needed to participate?

To participate, you need an Internet connection and web browser. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended as some functions, such as chat, are not fully supported

Will I have access to the recordings and materials?

All conference sessions will be recorded and posted on this site at the end of the event, so you can view all Virtual Conference sessions at your convenience

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is hosted entirely over the Internet. It will allow attendees to access live and hear presentations from their computers. Attendees participate through a conference website designed specifically for the virtual conference. The site is where you will watch conference presentations and participate with questions and comments in real time.

What happens once I register?

Once you register, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to connect to the conference.